Cape and Cowl blog: How much do I like Dragon Age Inquisition

A lot.  I just purchased a Xbox One (yeah I know I’m behind on things, don’t hate me), and the first game I bought was DA:I. I just wanted to break in the system and get familiar with the game.  A few weeks later, I’m so engaged in this game that I’ve been pushing back some work on page 8 of SOJ.  I feel really wrong about that but this game is really FUN.  Im using two different characters right now and it’s been pretty cool so far.  I’ve gotten back into the webcomics run today, but just exploring everything take a lot of time but it’s been great.  Let me know which class you like to work with on DA:I and yes, I have updated the script and page 8, so I like what’s in the pipeline.  So stay tuned for more updates and check out The Learning Curve podcast on the site or go on Soundcloud.  You’ll be glad you did!

Be blessed.

crime fighter2

Pisces Concepts trailer is ready!

Well, it’s been a busy week but not only have I finished page 2 of Shield of Justice volume 3, but I also just finished a new trailer for the webcomics blog!  I prepared this just in case I get chosen to present at a panel in September at the Cincinnati Comic Expo.  I’ve been to a panel before to promote my work and had a blast, so hopefully, I can do it again.  I was going to wait on posting this until September, but why not post it now?

Be blessed.

SOJ 3 update

I had taken bit of a break from the artwork, (Mass Effect is a great game) but now I know it’s time to get back into the grind.  I just finished drawing and scanning page 3 and this week, I ll be getting into the coloring to finish.  Keep alert for more updates this week.

Be blessed.