New SOJ Volume 3 update

Well, I just completed the new cover page for the Shield of Justice first wave webcomic.  It didn’t take as long as I thought it would, so I put that on working on my efficiency during off time. The image suggests that it’s going to be a difficult time for Lt. Gabriel and the squad in this volume.  I’m decided to put it up today.

Be blessed.


Shield of Justice update..

I have been trying to work on my new project for the new webcomic, but I’ve decided to put that on hold for a while due to taking an enormous amount of time to develop, which is what I don’t have in a large supply.  I did come up with another project in the works, which will be dealing again with the Shield of Justice.

I’ll be working on a new story by January 2017 involving Lt. Gabriel Hunter and the Peacekeeper Project.  I’m working on several ideas for a new threat as well as new allies.  Stay tuned for more updates..

Be blessed.

SOJ page 12 posted

I’ve posted page 12 and I liked it overall but I didn’t like how the cropping tool cut off a section of a word balloon.  I usually would be more aware of the words and placement but you learn as you go.  I liked the exchange that was started between the two and this is only the start.  Hope you enjoy it.

Be blessed

SOJ page 12 completed

Well, I have finished page 12 and it will be posted tomorrow.  This is the page that introduces Kaliber, owner of kaliber Investigations.  Her personality is something you’ll have to see for yourself in page 12 and beyond.  She’ll be alot of fun to follow.

Be blessed.