SOJ Page 20 update

After returning from vacation last week, I finally finished page 20. The new graphic tablet Im using has truly sped up my work and made me be more detailed.

I’ll also be adding the new Shield of Justice pages this upcoming Sunday, March 31st due to my vacation last week.Make sure to subscribe for updates and check out The Duck Webcomics and Smack Jeeves for the extra Shield of Justice webcomic pages.

Be blessed

Pisces Concepts update

First thank you to the followers of this blog. I’m working like crazy to get the best of this that I can to you on a monthly basis and I appreciate you for staying with me while I work on the site.

Quick notes for this week.  I’m finishing part one of the new Shield of Justice story by January 31 and in February, the start of part one begins.  Stay tuned.

I’m going to also be uploading the Crescent Shadow comics every weekend now until this is all posted for this story arc, so it will blend into the new SOJ story next month.

Be blessed.