Comic concept art

Okay, here is another concept art piece from the next webcomic.  This is Dutch, a main part of the story.  I won’t be putting up any more for the time being due to working on the script and getting ready to draw pages.  Stay tuned for the updates on when the first pages will start, as well as the conclusion of the Classic Comic series of the Crescent Shadow.

Be blessed.


Shield of Justice artwork

Well, it’s been a productive week as far as the next webcomic is concerned.  The plot for the next storyarch has been written, the script has been started and concept art is in full swing.  Here is the newest artwork for the webcomic.  It’s The Omega Knight, a new vigilante created for the story.  His backstory will be established later in his own book, but he’s plays a role in the upcoming story.  So stay tuned, leave a comment if you feel like it, and be blessed today!