Cincy Comic’s showtime

One of the best times of the year for me is now.  The Expo is back and I’m getting ready for my panel time on Sunday.  I just finished a new comic trailer for the Shield of Justice that I’m presenting.  It didn’t take as long as usual and it’s one that I’m happy with. Stay tuned this weekend for updates.

Be blessed.

SOJ page 12 completed

Well, I have finished page 12 and it will be posted tomorrow.  This is the page that introduces Kaliber, owner of kaliber Investigations.  Her personality is something you’ll have to see for yourself in page 12 and beyond.  She’ll be alot of fun to follow.

Be blessed.

SOJ Update: Page 10 completed

Hello from my staycation!  I just wanted to update everyone that page 10 is actually completed and is ready to post! This page didn’t take as much time and since I have the best wife in the world, I was able to punch this one out 3 weeks earlier than anticipated.  I’m not sure when I’ll be posting but I’m looking at next Sunday since it’s already completed and due to other delays in the previous pages in the past.  Stay tuned for Sunday everyone.

Be blessed.

SOJ panels are up

Hello! I’ve been extremely busy with family and my studies for my LISW test.  It has been a long process with more to go, but I’m still trying to work on the next page.  Thank you to everyone who is still on board through this time.  Good news, the panels have been drawn and the clean pencils will begin this week.  Stay tuned!

Be blessed