A quick post from a motivational bookmark I made a couple of days ago.  I just reminded myself that what I do in my career is important and not to lose focus of that.

Be blessed!

superman bookmark

SOJ update on the story arc

I have finished page 14 and working on 15 as we speak.  I have lately been making the previous pages by changing what is on the script and just rewrote the final pages of the second part of the story arc.  I thought about how this would go and possibly making a third part of the story.  There are two reasons why I didn’t decide to go forward. One, I have been working with the Shield of Justice First Wave for a long time now and as much as I enjoy working on it, I feel that I need a break. Im not saying that I’m done with it all together, just for a while.  Two, I have a stable of other projects that I’ve been looking at as well to work on.

the currenty storyarc is still going for several more pages and I have read and re-read the script to see if I have rushed anything, so stay tuned.

Be blessed.

SOJ page 12 completed

Well, I have finished page 12 and it will be posted tomorrow.  This is the page that introduces Kaliber, owner of kaliber Investigations.  Her personality is something you’ll have to see for yourself in page 12 and beyond.  She’ll be alot of fun to follow.

Be blessed.

4th of july update: Page 9 finished!

Happy 4th of July everyone! I wanted to post for Friday to say remember what this day is for and not for what you can get out of it (although a three day weekend is very nice, too).  I also wanted to post that page nine is finished! I completed it in one week and it actually shocked me how it turned out.  I’m thinking about posting it today but..nope, I can wait. In the meantime, I will be working on page 10 and keep page nine on schedule.  Stay tuned for more!

Be blessed.

Page 6 is underway

Hey, hey everyone.  Page 6 for the Shield of Justice has been drawn, cleaned and scanned.  Now the inking is next.  This page I feel will be the start of the story, meaning this is where the action picks up, story archs should also become more defined from now on.  I felt I had to establish what was about to happen for the book and now..it’s showtime.  Stay tuned.

be blessed.

New SOJ page is up and running

Hello.  It’s time for page 2 and it’s up and running today.  This page went through a few revisions from the script I wrote but overall I feel it turned out okay.  Tried some new designs from the GIMP program and liked what it did, especially the new designs in the floor and headboard.

A quick note for the next update:  I’ve been doing some studying for a test coming in a few months and other things that will involve my art time so the next update will be in three weeks instead of the regular two.  I’ve been working on the page but it had to be pushed back.  Sorry for the delay but feel free to enjoy everything else on the site.

Be blessed.