Spoiler alert..New SOJ trailer…coming soon!

During some free time that I’ve had lately, I have been looking through some old comics, and I’ve started to feel more creative.  I feel like a new SOJ trailer is due, since I’ve completed the story arc and now I have more material to use.  I’ve started looking at theme music yesterday and found some great ones for the mood I’m looking for, so stay tuned for it coming soon.

Be blessed.

SOJ page 12 completed

Well, I have finished page 12 and it will be posted tomorrow.  This is the page that introduces Kaliber, owner of kaliber Investigations.  Her personality is something you’ll have to see for yourself in page 12 and beyond.  She’ll be alot of fun to follow.

Be blessed.

SOJ update..I underestimated myself!

Okay, working on the next page of the comic came out pretty well and I finished it yesterday instead of today like I planned it.  I’ve gotten quicker on every phase so far and I can see improvements in the artwork.  It’s still not where I would like it to be in terms of the cell shading, so I’ll start slowing down so that I can see a better mix of light sources.  Overall, I’m pleased with the outlook.  I’m still not going to post it until this Friday just so I can stay on my three week mark.

I’m going to keep it on the three week schedule because it gives me more flexibility in my family time and the webcomic.  Stay tuned for more updates, you won’t be disappointed!

Be blessed.