The Learning Curve: Top comic book movie rules

Just thinking about this yesterday at home but since there are rules to horror movies, like never go investigate a weird noise by yourself, there should also be some for comic book movies.  These are only for the good guys right now.  I can think of some that come to mind but my first couple:

  1.  Wait for the bad guy to monologue, then beat them down.  It happens alot in the comic book movies and all you have to do if you’re a good guy is wait on them to start revealing their “master plan” then crush them afterwards.  Doesn’t fail that much.
  2. STOP TELLING EVERYONE YOUR SECRET IDENTITY.  If you’ve chosen to hide your identity to keep love ones safe, then fine. But to just go all out and tell people who you are for no reason, like to civilians (looking at you, Arrow and Flash), then what was the point? If they figure it out, that’s one thing (unless you deny that fact) but what I’ve seen over the past few years has been crazy.  There are some people you can trust, I get it but please show some discretion.

These are the ones that I wanted to publish that first came to mind, so drop some more on the comment section if you thing of any more to add. Thanks.

Be blessed.

SOJ 3 update

I had taken bit of a break from the artwork, (Mass Effect is a great game) but now I know it’s time to get back into the grind.  I just finished drawing and scanning page 3 and this week, I ll be getting into the coloring to finish.  Keep alert for more updates this week.

Be blessed.

Comic concept art

Okay, here is another concept art piece from the next webcomic.  This is Dutch, a main part of the story.  I won’t be putting up any more for the time being due to working on the script and getting ready to draw pages.  Stay tuned for the updates on when the first pages will start, as well as the conclusion of the Classic Comic series of the Crescent Shadow.

Be blessed.