The Capes and Cowls Blog: CW Arrow’s John Diggle reminds me of..

Alfred.  I was watching from season 2 reruns of Arrow, and I was thinking that he is Oliver’s common sense when everything starts to fall apart.  I know, Felicity is his heart but Diggle was there from the beginning, even before she arrived on Team Arrow.  Diggle can relate to Oliver due to their field experiences and he was the first to let Oliver know that he would question his choices from the moment they started the crusade.  Diggle and Oliver act more like brothers than friends and I think Oliver relies on him to keep him from going over the edge, just like Alfred does for Batman.

Thoughts, anyone?

Be blessed.


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The Learning Curve: Is Mad Dog Arrow’s version of Red Hood?

This thought popped into my head a few days ago after watching Arrow and seeing how Mad Dog operates. He reminded me of Red Hood in his attitude towards justice, although most of the characters on the show seem to want to kill criminals every now and then.  Now the backstory on him is different (and very good, too), but it’s hard for me to see that he’s not in some way CW’s version of Mad Dog.  There are other people that mirror the DC characters, like Arsenal and Nightwing.

I may be late to this thought from others, but Mad Dog really does remind me of Red Hood.  Does anyone else agree or have your own opinions, share them here.

Be blessed.