The Learning Curve: Top comic book movie rules

Just thinking about this yesterday at home but since there are rules to horror movies, like never go investigate a weird noise by yourself, there should also be some for comic book movies.  These are only for the good guys right now.  I can think of some that come to mind but my first couple:

  1.  Wait for the bad guy to monologue, then beat them down.  It happens alot in the comic book movies and all you have to do if you’re a good guy is wait on them to start revealing their “master plan” then crush them afterwards.  Doesn’t fail that much.
  2. STOP TELLING EVERYONE YOUR SECRET IDENTITY.  If you’ve chosen to hide your identity to keep love ones safe, then fine. But to just go all out and tell people who you are for no reason, like to civilians (looking at you, Arrow and Flash), then what was the point? If they figure it out, that’s one thing (unless you deny that fact) but what I’ve seen over the past few years has been crazy.  There are some people you can trust, I get it but please show some discretion.

These are the ones that I wanted to publish that first came to mind, so drop some more on the comment section if you thing of any more to add. Thanks.

Be blessed.

Post message for Condor, Agent of SWORD

Hello, it has always been my intention to write posts on each page that I had posted from this comic.  Life has a funny way of throwing change ups in your plans when you least expect it to, so I just settled with posting the comic.  I wanted to do this just to put my reasoning into why I made the page the way it is in the post and also because I have never worked my posts with notes every time (posts with notes, heh).  When I do my next posting of some classic work I’ve done over the years, I will work on doing more of that, but I will use this time to focus on what my plan was for Condor.

When I finished working on my comic book several years ago, Dark Knight, Crescent Crusader (Not affiliated with Batman), I had wanted to change to another type of character base instead of the vigilante/super hero genre.  I had thought about some other ideas that I had at the time, but the one that really stood out for me was secret agent/spy.  I thought up Condor as a mix of James Bond meets Spider Man (sort of).  I really liked coming up with this story basically because it was different.  I am looking at other ideas for my next webcomic idea in the future, and that has caught my attention.

Stay tuned for the next classic story next week!

Be blessed.

Spoiler alert..New SOJ trailer…coming soon!

During some free time that I’ve had lately, I have been looking through some old comics, and I’ve started to feel more creative.  I feel like a new SOJ trailer is due, since I’ve completed the story arc and now I have more material to use.  I’ve started looking at theme music yesterday and found some great ones for the mood I’m looking for, so stay tuned for it coming soon.

Be blessed.

SOJ First Wave update: The final page is completed.

All stories have an ending and the final page has been completed.  It will be posted in two weeks after I post page 19 next Sunday.  It has been a great run and it’s not completely done.  I will pick up the story in the future.  Thank you all who have put up with missed posting dates and everything else I have worked with in order to create this story.   More to come soon so stay tuned.

Be blessed.

Shield of Justice Update: Page 18 is completed

I hope that everyone is having a happy and safe holiday season and is ready for 2015.  I have been able to relax at some point during the season and with Christmas completed, I have been able to complete the next page of Shield of Justice, page 18.  It’s getting closer to rounding third and heading for home with the current story arc so far, and with only two more pages to finish, it’s looking like I will be finishing up before the new year begins.  The new page will publish on Sunday.

As stated before, I will still be working on artwork, however my role will be diminishing somewhat as I develop other webcomic storylines and ideas for Pisces Concepts.  I really enjoy what I do on my spare time with the webcomics, but I’m choosing to put some more time into other areas for the time being.  With that said, be on the lookout for more additions to the Pisces Concepts line through the blog.

Be blessed.