Cincy Comic Expo Day 1 and 2

Well, the Expo has come to a close and today has been one of the best I’ve had at any comic con.  I had my panel today and discussed The shield of justice, how I got started in webcomics and other topics.  I had more people there than I expected, including my long time best friend who was at the Expo with his daughter.  It felt so good to talk to a crowd about what I love and what they were interested in as well.  I could have talked to them for more than 45 minutes.  In the end, it was a phenomenal time and the best I’ve been to so far.

I just wanted to thank everyone who attended (thankfully I made enough cards!).  You guys asked alot of great questions about webcomic designing and even gave me some tools to look up to help with mine.  I truly appreciate and hope you visit and like the blogs. I also want to thank everyone who has liked my two blogs and follow them.  It has been a great ride so far and I’m just getting started.

Be blessed.

Cincy Comic’s showtime

One of the best times of the year for me is now.  The Expo is back and I’m getting ready for my panel time on Sunday.  I just finished a new comic trailer for the Shield of Justice that I’m presenting.  It didn’t take as long as usual and it’s one that I’m happy with. Stay tuned this weekend for updates.

Be blessed.