The Capes and Cowls Blog: CW Arrow’s John Diggle reminds me of..

Alfred.  I was watching from season 2 reruns of Arrow, and I was thinking that he is Oliver’s common sense when everything starts to fall apart.  I know, Felicity is his heart but Diggle was there from the beginning, even before she arrived on Team Arrow.  Diggle can relate to Oliver due to their field experiences and he was the first to let Oliver know that he would question his choices from the moment they started the crusade.  Diggle and Oliver act more like brothers than friends and I think Oliver relies on him to keep him from going over the edge, just like Alfred does for Batman.

Thoughts, anyone?

Be blessed.


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The Learning Curve: Define Justice


Pop Quiz: You’re a hero who is fighting your arch enemy.  You two have been battling each other for hours, but you know your history goes back farther.  People have died during this time due to his/her plans.  You finally find a weak spot during the battle and you stop the threat.  You stand over your enemy victorious, but your enemy tells you this: “you better kill me, because I’m going to get out and when I do, this whole city will pay if you don’t!”   What do you do?

This scenario has been played out more and more over the years in various forms of entertainment, but I want to stick with comic book related media.  The question of would you kill your enemy or would you have him arrested in the name of justice has several different answers.  It’s interesting to see which comic book characters are on each side of the line.  There are far too many examples of each so I just thought about some that stand out the most.

On Arrow, this has been a huge point in most of the show’s run, Oliver being a killer from Season one and trying to change this as he progresses in other seasons.  In Man of Steel, Superman killing Zod in order to save civilians from being killed by Zod’s heat vision, Wonder Woman killing Maxwell Lord in the comics so Superman would return to his senses and not kill Batman while under Max’s mind control.  I didn’t really have a problem with these for different reasons.

In Arrow, Oliver just returned from Hell Island (I named it that, because, well it was Hell for him) where he had to learn to kill to survive, so he was still in survival mode, plus he had a mission of carrying out his father’s mission to stop the guys in the book.  He saw how bad it was in Season 2 after his friend’s death and decided that he had to adjust his methods.  Superman killing Zod was to save civilians, and he possibly could have done something different, he didn’t have a lot of time to think about it at the time.  Wonder Woman did it for the same reason as Superman in Man of Steel, although she may have had more time to do something else (knock him out perhaps), but that might not have worked.

Now one I didn’t agree with is Superman in the Injustice series (game and comics) even though the comic series was great.  I know that was a major tragedy and I would think the same thing to do to the Joker, but he was consumed by so much rage that he didn’t see that’s what the Joker wanted.  We all read and saw what happened next.

The best argument for both sides that I’ve seen so far is from the Daredevil series, where Frank Castle and Daredevil argued on the roof about justice and revenge.  Each one had different viewpoints that made sense and in the end, neither one agreed.

As for me, if I was in that scenario and I had to chose…well, that would be telling.


Be blessed.

The Learning Curve: Is Mad Dog Arrow’s version of Red Hood?

This thought popped into my head a few days ago after watching Arrow and seeing how Mad Dog operates. He reminded me of Red Hood in his attitude towards justice, although most of the characters on the show seem to want to kill criminals every now and then.  Now the backstory on him is different (and very good, too), but it’s hard for me to see that he’s not in some way CW’s version of Mad Dog.  There are other people that mirror the DC characters, like Arsenal and Nightwing.

I may be late to this thought from others, but Mad Dog really does remind me of Red Hood.  Does anyone else agree or have your own opinions, share them here.

Be blessed.