Shield of Justice: First Wave Story

Hopelessness.  Desperation.  Violence.  These words are the City of Saint Carthenia.  Its citizens watch helplessly as the crime rate soars to an all-time high-and they are fearful.

A new technology has risen, allowing the fusion of human and weapon. Regular criminals have upgraded to become murderous Fusers, who begin to become more unstable due to the process.

Fearing the city would fall, the governing council has teamed with the NoraLife Foundation, the city’s premier technology firm. Their plan: to implement Project Peacekeeper, a prototype nanotech suit that enhances its wearer’s abilities and can target weaknesses in opponents. They hope to mass-produce the suits to arm the city’s police force against the Fuser threat.

All hope for the future of the city rests on the prototype. Rigorous screenings are conducted to find the perfect recruit, and one stands out from the rest: Gabriel Hunter, a former Elite Sentinel Police officer.

Hunter watched helplessly as his own daughter became victim of the Fusers. Falling into depression, he receives a call that changes his life. Gabriel’s estranged father, Avery Hunter, the Director of Project Peacekeeper, offers him involvement in the program. Reluctant to trust his father’s motives, Gabriel agrees to participate, believing that he can make a difference…and perhaps protect others from having their lives scarred by crime.