I couldn’t wait to share my experience at the Cincy Comic Expo this year

I was going to wait but why? This experience was good this year, I always love this time of year because it was a lot of people who has the same love of pop culture that I do. No arguing, no fighting, just people having fun. What made it better was connecting with some people I haven’t seen in a while, including my best friend and his son. We caught up on life things and our love for comics, manga and art. I really cannot wait another year to come. Thanks again Cincinnati Comic Expo. Here’s my pictures of the experience. Be blessed.

Web comic World Building Part 2: Story Plot

The plot of my web comic starts by thinking about what type of story it will be and how I can put that to a story. The story for the newest web comic I’m working on came to me three years ago as just some idea and writing them down (I usually carry a small memo book so I can write things down). I start adding more to the plot: Where it will take place, the characters involved, the main and secondary story lines. I’ve done a superhero type of story already so I wanted to go this time with an adventure type.

I really started developing the ideas I had to see which ones I would narrow down to the one I wanted. I eventually decided to work with a dimensional travel adventure. I was excited about the idea and I kept adding to the plot, then leave it for a day. I come back to it, reread it and decide what goes and what stays.

That’s it for now on the plot. It may seem a bit strange to some but it works for me, as it should be for you. Let me know how you come up with your plots.

Be blessed.

My world-building process for the new web comic

I’ve taken a little time off after finishing up the last of the Shield of Justice from drawing. I do like having a bit of time to relax (besides school work to finish). I’ve never really worked on another web comic before but I’m excited about the creation process. The biggest challenge I see is how much backstory to add to the new web comic, so I’m going to blog on the world building process as I get ready to roll out the new web comic story. Stay tuned to the blog for more updates on how the world building is going.

The Shield of Justice is complete.

The webcomic, the Shield of Justice is completed. This has been my first and only webcomic I’ve worked on since I started over 8 years ago. I’ve finished 3 stories of Lt. Hunter and his mission of keeping the city of St. Carthena safe and really I have more ideas that I could run with for him. I really look back on what’s been completed but I promised myself that I would look at more ideas and web comic stories I have written over time to work on after I finish, and I’m sticking to that promise.

I love the Shield of Justice, but I’m excited about working on my next web comic idea that I’ve been researching on and off. I was so excited that I almost stopped working on the SOJ at the beginning of the third part of the Shield of Justice. My best friend talked to me about finishing what I started, since in his words “that’s your baby”. He was right, this was the one that got me interested in learning about digital equipment, asking about what works for other web comic artists and just get it done. It’s been a slow grind to the finish over the years, but I’m so glad that I did it. I learned some great dos and don’ts and I still have a lot to learn in the web comic world.

I didn’t know what to feel when I finished it. I guess in the end it’s great, so that gives me some time to develop my other project, work on my art, and learn about more art software programs. I may go back to do more of the SOJ, but for right now, I’m heading forward. Thanks to everyone who has been reading SOJ and I hope you stay on for the next part of the journey.

Be blessed.

SOJ update: another page in the books

Well, after a LONG matter of work on this page, page 22 is finally complete for the Shield of Justice. Two more left for the Shield and then it’s done for now. This was a very hard page because I couldn’t get it to look right (for me). Some things I changed and then changed again, so it took longer. Hope you enjoy (when you get to the page)!

Be blessed.

Good news and bad news for the Shield of Justice

The bad news first, I screwed up the page 20 ink work so I have to go back and redo it, so another setback looks to be in order. Good news, my new graphic screen tablet arrived Saturday and this thing is incredible! I started over this morning on the ink and it’s so much easier using this. More on this on the Learning Curve podcast this week. Stay Tuned and be blessed.