WandaVision spoilers from Episode 5

You have been warned about spoilers.

This show has been excellent in my opinion. I’m not really into slow buildup type of shows, but this has been a good one to wait on. They’re two theories that I’ve working on and I’ll keep it short: Wanda has way more power than has been shown before except in the comics, and i’ve known she was the most powerful Avenger when I saw her unlock Dr. Amy Chu in the second Avengers movie from the Infinity stone’s mind control. Her MASSIVE power levels actually jumped in the series, and from what i’ve seen so far:

  1. Wanda is in total control of her warped reality and it’s starting to break down. Vision started to see this and confirmed it with Wanda. Darcy said that her powers are insane now with how she is making everything real. Maybe she has become more powerful due to time and her own mind focusing on her power. She is in everyone’s mind and they can’t escape.
  2. Another entity has control of Wanda. She said that she didn’t know how it all got started in the first place in her argument in Vision, so if the rumors of Mephisto is true, in the comics, the characters goes to him for deals to change or erase things from existence. Wanda could have went to him to get enough power to make her own reality in exchange for something from them. Mephisto never just “gives” his services to anyone, so it would have to be something big, say like being in control of what she creates possibly and her not knowing it. These are just theories on this.

Another thing I was wondering about: How would she get this much power to do it? She is powerful, no question, but to be able to alter reality, she would need some help from the Reality Stone in some way. If some entity is in control of this, say Mephisto, he is able to get unlimited amounts of power, so getting the Reality stone power could be in his reach. Plus, what color is the Infinity Stone and what color is Wanda’s power?

Let me know what you think. Be blessed #sinkorswim

Cincinnati Comic Expo 2018 has begun!

I’ve have been waiting for this all year, and it seems to have come along at a faster rate than last year.  Time to let myself geek out and travel to the expo.  I won’t give anymore just yet but day one was spectacular in my opinion.  Stay tuned on Monday for a breakdown of the Expo, plus the Expo edition of the Learning curve podcast on Tuesday.

Be blessed.


Black Panther (Spoilers): Great movie overall, but..

First my likes:  I loved the movie. I thought the tone was great, not over the top funny but more in line with the Winter Soldier. The actors in the movie were terrific.  Boseman and Michael B. Jordan were great, and the scene stealer for me was M’Baku.  The special effects and technology brought to the game was outstanding.  I liked the question posed about sharing their resources with the world or not trusting the world with it was something I struggled with during the movie.

Now my dislikes:  WHY DO THEY KEEP KILLING OFF THE BAD GUYS?  This is the main problem I have with the MCU movies overall is how they use their villains.  Only good one they have is Loki so far, and the rest are mediocre.  They had not just one but TWO good villains in the movie that they could have built off of in possibly later movies.

I also didn’t fully understand Killmonger’s main goal.  I get that he wanted the throne, but afterwards, he wanted to give the vibranium weapons to his contacts around the world to fight against their oppressors, if I heard that right.  So, who exactly were they going to fight? their bosses, the government, and then what would they do if they succeeded?  I need to see it again to make some sense of it.  Overall, I do feel the movie was well done and I rank it #2 on my MCU list of movies, with Winter Soldier #1.

Be blessed.


Forgot how good of a movie Raid the Redemption is until I watched it again

I had seen this years ago, but just catching it again on Encore I forgot how insane it was in every sense of the word.  Every part was just pure intensity, from the fights to the planning to the gunplay was sharp.  This is one movie that I can add to the list of watching everytime it comes on TV.  Every. Time.

Be blessed.

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