The Expo, and the weekend is finished

Well, it was a busy weekend but a great one. First the Cincinnati Expo went great and I’ll discuss more about it on the next blog on Tuesday with pics. Had a great time with my brother and nephew and seen some nice creations for cosplay. I met some nice people and just enjoyed myself to the point that I’m sore due to walking most of the time.

Second, I created a new world map for Centauris IV of First Earth over the weekend as well. It’s been fun to create these things and have been working with a world building book that has been really helpful. Stay safe and be blessed.

It’s that time of year..Cincinnati Comic Expo time

hey, everyone. I just wanted to give a heads up on what’s happening this weekend because it will be a busy one. Saturday and Sunday, I’ll be attending the Cincy Comic Expo, and since it was cancelled last year, my VIP tickets gets me in an hour earlier than before, so that is worth looking forward to over the weekend. I’m going to do some selfie recordings at times (which is not my favorite thing) and I’ll take my usual pics for the blog.

I also have been working on the world building parts of First Earth and will be updating on the blog as well my progress, with a special creation coming up this weekend. Stay safe and be blessed everyone.