The Shield of Justice is complete.

The webcomic, the Shield of Justice is completed. This has been my first and only webcomic I’ve worked on since I started over 8 years ago. I’ve finished 3 stories of Lt. Hunter and his mission of keeping the city of St. Carthena safe and really I have more ideas that I could run with for him. I really look back on what’s been completed but I promised myself that I would look at more ideas and web comic stories I have written over time to work on after I finish, and I’m sticking to that promise.

I love the Shield of Justice, but I’m excited about working on my next web comic idea that I’ve been researching on and off. I was so excited that I almost stopped working on the SOJ at the beginning of the third part of the Shield of Justice. My best friend talked to me about finishing what I started, since in his words “that’s your baby”. He was right, this was the one that got me interested in learning about digital equipment, asking about what works for other web comic artists and just get it done. It’s been a slow grind to the finish over the years, but I’m so glad that I did it. I learned some great dos and don’ts and I still have a lot to learn in the web comic world.

I didn’t know what to feel when I finished it. I guess in the end it’s great, so that gives me some time to develop my other project, work on my art, and learn about more art software programs. I may go back to do more of the SOJ, but for right now, I’m heading forward. Thanks to everyone who has been reading SOJ and I hope you stay on for the next part of the journey.

Be blessed.

SOJ update: another page in the books

Well, after a LONG matter of work on this page, page 22 is finally complete for the Shield of Justice. Two more left for the Shield and then it’s done for now. This was a very hard page because I couldn’t get it to look right (for me). Some things I changed and then changed again, so it took longer. Hope you enjoy (when you get to the page)!

Be blessed.

My proudest nerd moment

It’s been quite a while since I’ve blogged on the Capes and Cowl. I’ve had a lot of things going on in my life, but even when I’ve had the time, I always put it off for “later”. I’m working on putting more effort into keeping this on a regular two week schedule again, so I decided to start today.

This topic I spun off of a question on Twitter from Gail Simone (one of my favorite writers), about discussing your happiest nerd day. I was thinking about this afterwards and I already knew what it going to be on the spot. I then started thinking that what was my proudest nerd moment? To me, there is a difference between my happiest and my proudest nerd moments.

My happiest was when I met Stan Lee and was able to ask him a question without sounding like my brain shut off my speech. That was a very happy day for me because I never thought I would meet him in my life. My proudest was because it was something that I accomplished in the comic realm that I love. This moment was when I hosted my first web comic panel at the Cincinnati Comic Expo. I was nervous and excited at the same time when I was picked and found out what day I was going on. I didn’t even think about writing down what I would say I just went and decided to “wing it”.

My best friend, who is into comics as well, came down for support, and actually took the picture that I use for some social media pages I have. I didn’t expect ANY one to show up for the panel, but I was shocked by how many were interested! Great questions were asked, and it was an incredible feeling to talk to others who were webcomic creators. That moment inspired me to put more work in on my web comics and I’ll never forget.

Which one was yours?

Be blessed.

SOJ Page 20 update

After returning from vacation last week, I finally finished page 20. The new graphic tablet Im using has truly sped up my work and made me be more detailed.

I’ll also be adding the new Shield of Justice pages this upcoming Sunday, March 31st due to my vacation last week.Make sure to subscribe for updates and check out The Duck Webcomics and Smack Jeeves for the extra Shield of Justice webcomic pages.

Be blessed

Good news and bad news for the Shield of Justice

The bad news first, I screwed up the page 20 ink work so I have to go back and redo it, so another setback looks to be in order. Good news, my new graphic screen tablet arrived Saturday and this thing is incredible! I started over this morning on the ink and it’s so much easier using this. More on this on the Learning Curve podcast this week. Stay Tuned and be blessed.

My biggest problem with my web comic

Happy belated 2019 everyone. It has been too long since I’ve sat down and actually had time to write a blog with some significance or what I felt was on my mind to share. I have been working on my web comics for 8 years and I can say that it has been a great time for me. I love learning new ideas about making them, from the technology to the style that I use in my art. It also is a great way for me to relax and cope with stress before I start my morning. I normally do some type of art work before heading in to work, and it helps me to focus. With that being said, there are some downsides to making my web comics, and my biggest one comes up more times than I feel that it should..Time.

I talked about this before on my podcast The Learning Curve that time is truly not on my side when creating my web comics. I’ve focused on carving out pockets of time (in the mornings), and although I feel that I’ve been better at balancing my time with my life and web comics, I want more time to actually work to be better. I’m not saying that I’m stopping with making web comics. I’m saying the opposite, I’m hoping in 2019 that I can make MORE time. All I want is to make the type of web comics that people can read ad enjoy, like I do when I read so many great stories.

Let me know what types of problems you face making your web comics.

Be blessed.

Three weeks free

Well, it’s been a half year of online school and constant grinding but I finally got a few weeks off to relax a bit and get back to what I would like to do: Draw. I’ve been working on the Shield of Justice while in school, but I didn’t get to finish it like I wanted. Hopefully, I can get more pages completed. Stay tuned.

Be blessed.