Pisces Concepts restarting next month

It has been a long haul so far for me these last two months. I moved to a new home, and I started back in online school again, so you can see how I had gotten behind on my web comic.  Things seem to have leveled out again so next month, I’ll be back up to speed with The Learning Curve podcast (second Tuesday of the month), Capes and Cowl blog and posting Shield of Justice on its normal schedule (second Sunday of the month). It’s been difficult, but thanks to you all for hanging with me on this journey and hopefully for new and current followers, I won’t disappoint.

Be blessed.

crime fighter2

it’s been a long time

hey everyone. just a quick blog I wanted to write because I’ve been off my game lately. I’m in the process of moving and its almost over. I’ll be back soon with more blogs, podcasts and of course, webcomics.

stay tuned at smackjeeves and the duck webcomics for more classic stories of the shield of justice

be blessed