MCU’s Captain America’s changing personality

By now, I’m sure you’ve seen the new Avengers Infinity War trailer and it has a ton of things to talk about if you look hard enough.  The one thing that I thought was interesting (for some reason) was how much Captain America’s personality and even his mindset has changed since his first movie.  I think that he has shown the most change so far in the MCU as a character, even more than Tony Stark.

He’s changed from the American gold standard in the First Avenger, where everything he did was true blue and energetic and things how to be the right way.  Each movie, you can see how his trust in his teammates and his country begins to falter.  Watching how he even doubts how he fits into this age I thought was interesting to see.  It all came down to Civil War, where he actually in the eyes of America, became what he hated, a criminal. Hearing War Machine call him that when he was caught made it all surreal for me.

Infinity War could be his last movie, and watching how his character has been portrayed has been a great surprise.  I hope it’s not his last, but if so, I also hope he uses the Avengers catchphrase in battle.

Be blessed. crime fighter2

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