dragon age inquisition…i like it

just started playing this game for the xbox one, yeah its been out awhile but bear with me.  ive played dragon age origins (havent finished it yet) but i gotta admit inquisition is a great game so far.  

i started with a class i havent done before, the mage.  i made her like Storm from the xmen and named her Ororo.  so far, love the graphics and story.  share some of your favorite games on the xbox one, and ill post them on the blog. thanks and be blessed

Capes and Cowls Blog: New Learning Curve Podcast plus new Expo pictures!

Welcome back! This will be a short post, but I’ve got the new Learning Curve Podcast on the site plus new Expo pics.  To check out the new Podcast, go to the Learning Curve tab on the homepage and click the second episode. Posting of more pics from the Expo are just below, enjoy!

Be blessed