Capes and Cowls Blog: Take my money! Why do I buy comics?

Not to long ago, my adult nephew asked me about getting back into the comic book reading realm.  Sounds great to me, as he’s basically carrying on the comic book tradition in the family.  What made it even more of surprising, is what he asked next: What book should I start off with?  I really hesitated because I didn’t know what he liked.  So I told him to think about what interest him and go with that. It did get me thinking about comics and what makes them interesting enough for me to put down my hard earned money.  There’s several reasons why but I decided on top 3.  So…in reverse order..

3.  Artists/Writers: I like to take chances at times on a comic if I like a new book based on the artwork.  Cover pages are a plus, too because, of course that’s what draws on my curiosity.  I took a chance on the Kato comic book a while ago and I was pleasantly surprised by the results (good story and art).  Overall, I do go back to my favorite artists or writers that may be either working on my current book I’m reading starting on another one that I’ve never read before.  I like to expand my horizons. For me, a good story beats good art if you can’t get both.

2. Price:  This is one that I was thinking on going up to one because it makes sense to me.  I do love Marvel, DC and other companies, but with the prices going up, I had to shave off some really good books that I gave a chance to read out of my budget.  I get that the prices go up but price does make a difference. If I can find a great book that I’m really interested in buying, I would bypass the price once in a while.  The price does matter to me in the long run, however, and if I can find several books for a good price, the better.

1. Interest in the character(s):  Nothing makes me want to buy a comic more than seeing what lies ahead for the characters involved.  Whether hearing about it on social media or the comic book store, Story driven characters have always been the best part of buying them.  I like to see what happens to the good guys and the bad, always hoping that the story continues and looking forward to the end of the stories.  These inspired me to create my own characters and stories for my web comics and i’m grateful for it.

Be blessed.


Pisces Concepts Updates: Podcasting and Domain Names

Okay, some may have noticed that there are a couple of changes to The Learning Curve blog title on Pisces Concepts now being changed to the Capes and Cowls Blog.  The reason is because I’m now using the Learning Curve title on my new PODCAST.  Yes, I’m been working on this for the past month or so but now it’s official, The Learning Curve: A Webcomic’s Podcast is now up and running on a monthly schedule on Soundcloud.  I will normally post it every first Tuesday of the month, but since it’s already up (jumped the gun on the first one), the next episode will be up in October.  I hope you all go over for a listen and let me know what you think and what you would like to hear in the future by posting comments here, my email as well as my twitter, Pisces Concepts.  I’ll also be working on posting a link to my episodes on Soundcloud soon so stay tuned.

Second, the new domain name for Pisces Concepts is changing.  It will now be due to an upgrade on my plan.  Keep checking in on the site for other upcoming changes that I think will be a plus for everyone.

That’s all the news so far, still working on the Shield of Justice webcomic so keep listening and following the site for more news. Thank you all for your support because it means alot to me!

Be blessed

The Capes and Cowls Blog: CW Arrow’s John Diggle reminds me of..

Alfred.  I was watching from season 2 reruns of Arrow, and I was thinking that he is Oliver’s common sense when everything starts to fall apart.  I know, Felicity is his heart but Diggle was there from the beginning, even before she arrived on Team Arrow.  Diggle can relate to Oliver due to their field experiences and he was the first to let Oliver know that he would question his choices from the moment they started the crusade.  Diggle and Oliver act more like brothers than friends and I think Oliver relies on him to keep him from going over the edge, just like Alfred does for Batman.

Thoughts, anyone?

Be blessed.


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