SOJ update on the story arc

I have finished page 14 and working on 15 as we speak.  I have lately been making the previous pages by changing what is on the script and just rewrote the final pages of the second part of the story arc.  I thought about how this would go and possibly making a third part of the story.  There are two reasons why I didn’t decide to go forward. One, I have been working with the Shield of Justice First Wave for a long time now and as much as I enjoy working on it, I feel that I need a break. Im not saying that I’m done with it all together, just for a while.  Two, I have a stable of other projects that I’ve been looking at as well to work on.

the currenty storyarc is still going for several more pages and I have read and re-read the script to see if I have rushed anything, so stay tuned.

Be blessed.

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