soj update

I’ve been sick for the past few days and last week was a very long one for me at work.  I have been trying to work myself back up to speed by scanning and inking part of page 15.  Stay tuned for more updates.

Be blessed.

SOJ update on the story arc

I have finished page 14 and working on 15 as we speak.  I have lately been making the previous pages by changing what is on the script and just rewrote the final pages of the second part of the story arc.  I thought about how this would go and possibly making a third part of the story.  There are two reasons why I didn’t decide to go forward. One, I have been working with the Shield of Justice First Wave for a long time now and as much as I enjoy working on it, I feel that I need a break. Im not saying that I’m done with it all together, just for a while.  Two, I have a stable of other projects that I’ve been looking at as well to work on.

the currenty storyarc is still going for several more pages and I have read and re-read the script to see if I have rushed anything, so stay tuned.

Be blessed.