new page is posted

Well, now I get to the point where Gabriel is seen in the upgraded suit.  It was fun making this page because now I can put him in action!  I experimented with the glare functions months ago and thought that his beam would look better with some glare.  Next page is already beginning with Gabriel putting in some work. 

Stay tuned and be blessed.


SOJ Update: Page 10 completed

Hello from my staycation!  I just wanted to update everyone that page 10 is actually completed and is ready to post! This page didn’t take as much time and since I have the best wife in the world, I was able to punch this one out 3 weeks earlier than anticipated.  I’m not sure when I’ll be posting but I’m looking at next Sunday since it’s already completed and due to other delays in the previous pages in the past.  Stay tuned for Sunday everyone.

Be blessed.

A few changes have been made..

Well, I’ve been working on page 10 and decided to change up my blogs at bit. First, starting with this one, I’ve changed the site name to Pisces Concepts.  This way I can house all my creations under one blog (except for the Learning Curve).  Second was changing up the colors and fonts and stuff, so it will be a bit different when visiting.

Be blessed.

4th of july update: Page 9 finished!

Happy 4th of July everyone! I wanted to post for Friday to say remember what this day is for and not for what you can get out of it (although a three day weekend is very nice, too).  I also wanted to post that page nine is finished! I completed it in one week and it actually shocked me how it turned out.  I’m thinking about posting it today but..nope, I can wait. In the meantime, I will be working on page 10 and keep page nine on schedule.  Stay tuned for more!

Be blessed.