chapter one is done!

Well, I didn’t want to wait for next week to add the final page so I decided to give everyone who’s been following two!  Hope you enjoyed the first chapter.  It was so much fun to do and I’m starting on Chapter 2.  Im looking over the script and will need some time to put more pages together (I have 2 pages complete) so I’ll need a small break to get things straight.  Stay updated with SOJ additions.  Chapter two will be started in 3 weeks!

Be blessed


Well, the first chapter is rounding third and heading for home soon.  This page I felt was very dramatic not just for what happened.  I thought about this page and I decided that I wanted to show how the Sanctum operates in the shadows.  I know more development is in order for the next chapter but just showing how they do business before the end I thought would be essential.