Realm Banners for First Earth

To finish the day, I’m starting new banners for the realms of First Earth with symbols that represent them. First is the Dominion of Havernus, which also shares this with the main Realm’s capital city, New Genoa. I’ve been using a world building workbook to help with creating First Earth and it discussed this idea. Hope you enjoy it, stay safe and be blessed.


Worldbuilding creation question

Holographic globe with continents. Computer Hologram Business Internet.

Hello, everyone. I have a question to those who also create fictional worlds. How do you know when you are ready to start working on the fictional world? I’ve been putting more and more pieces to my new Web comic’s characters and world build, but I also do not want to fall into the creative trap of constantly changing and tweaking designs and information.

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lack of motivation

Hey everyone, I’ve been dealing with a lack of motivation to draw recently so I’m working slowly back onto the art table. I apologize for the lack of anything lately. It’s been a struggle but it’s coming along. Be blessed everyone.