the learning curve update

hi all. I’ve lost my voice so I won’t he recording the podcast this week. I’m giving myself until Tuesday of next week to get it up again so hang tight until then.

once again, sorry for the delay.

be blessed.


Vampyr quenches my thirst

Just picked up Vampyr for the Xbox one, and it looks great in the first five minutes.  It’s already creeping me out so I’ll be looking into that soon, but I’m still amazed by Detroit Become Human so it will be awhile.

Be blessed.

Superhero silhouette 2


SOJ volume 3 page 14 is in the books

Time to start on page 15 this week, so now its time to relax for the next two days.  Thanks to everyone who is coming aboard my blog or other SO ME with pisces concepts.  There’s been bumps in the creative road, and I’m still learning as I go, but it’s been an exciting time for me and I hope that I can give you some excitement as well with the Shield of Justice.

Also, I hope everyone has a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend.

Be blessed.



Detrot Become Human..wow

Now I have this game and God of War to play.  They are both fantastic.  I only started 5 minutes worth of play on this and it’s incredible.  I like to compare video game play like eating a great meal, I want to savor it and not eat it quickly.  I’m really taking my time with these two and in two weeks, Vampyre comes out so it’s about to be a slow burn…oh and I’m still working on my inks for Shield of Justice.  All about balance.

Be blessed. superheroine